14 Sep

Neutral colour schemes can throw up a variety of options when decorating your living room. Neutral colour schemes offer sophisticated elegance to your living space but can look boring or washed out. Here are our top tips on how you can creatively contrast certain fittings and furniture for the ultimate look.

Make the most of the room’s original features – If you want to opt for a subtle and sophisticated finish to your living room then the easiest and most sensible option is to let the original features of your room to take centre stage. By doing this you can keep the remaining decor subtle and plain. If you have a period property with large bay windows, tall ceilings with decorative coving or a fireplace then allow these features to give character to your living space whilst keeping the colour scheme and furniture understated. If the wall colours and furniture are neutral then the eye will naturally draw to these original features to give your room a sophisticated neutral look.

Use a mixture of dark wood furniture instead of light wood – A living room just wouldn’t be a living room without furniture. In this age of understated design it can be difficult to opt for real wood furniture and making it fit in with the ambience and feel of a neutral colour scheme. Opt for darker shades of wood such as dark oak and walnut for your furniture, dark wood as opposed to light wood creates a strong contrast against the neutral colour scheme and provides a sophisticated finish to your living space. Be sure to avoid large chunky pieces of dark wood
furniture and instead look for slimline tables, chairs and shelving.

Opt for a striking centre light – The downside of a neutral colour scheme is the lack of colour which can make the room feel washed out. Opting for a striking centre light can add character and colour to an otherwise subtle living space. Create a focal point with a large unique centre light, you may even opt for a completely different colour to the room by choosing matt black or copper finishes.


Get creative with hanging pictures and frames – When opting for a neutral living room the temptation is there to keep the wall space clean and uninterrupted. However, if your living space is compact and narrow then you can use picture frames to great effect by fragmenting random sized frames on one narrow wall to grab the attention of visitors. Express your creative side by hanging pieces of art or pictures in your living room, however, avoid overcrowding picture frames on larger walls, instead look for a narrow wall space and make it your own.

Add some plants to your living space – quite possibly the easiest and most effective solutions on our list, using natural plants in a neutral coloured space will inject natural colour and life into your living room.

Avoid fake or imitation plants at all costs, maintenance and suitability to the surroundings can vary with real pants, however opting for plants large or small can help bring natural vibrancy and colour to your living space whilst keeping in with the neutral look.