Welcome to our amazing oak dining room section where you will find mind blowing products perfectly suited for your home. Add life to your dining room by selecting from our carefully chosen ranges from all over the world. A dining room plays a very special role in our lives and is mainly used to gather around with your loved ones and enjoy a meal together. Oak is a beautiful material which has been used for centuries for furniture. A very unique and special type of wood which is known for its strong characteristics, durability and beautiful texture. Depending on the size and shape of your dining room, we have thousands of products in various different sizes that cater to all types if settings and surroundings.

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Apis Large Round Designer Dining Table


Apis Round Luxury Dining Table


Hamburg Harlequin Luxury Marble Sideboard


Madina Mudhif Luxury Dining Chair


Pesaro Luxury Walnut Large Dining Table


Picasso Coke Oak 4 Door Sideboard


Picasso Flute 4 Door Sideboard


Picasso Gocce 4 Door Sideboard


Picasso Mito 4 Door Sideboard


Picasso Pietra 4 Door Sideboard


Prisma Luxury Walnut Large Sideboard


Segno Ash Grey Oak 3 Door Sideboard


Segno Coke Oak 3 Door Sideboard


Singapore Luxury Oak Large Dining Table


Singapore Oak Luxury Extending Console Dining Table


T-Wood 3 Door Designer Sideboard


T-Wood 4 Door Luxury Sideboard


Tavolante Aged Oak 200cm Dining Table


Tavolante Aged Oak 220cm Dining Table


Tavolante Aged Oak 240cm Dining Table