Also known as an ottoman a blanket box is a beautiful piece of furniture and is also a perfect storage solution for a bedroom or a living room. Usually placed at the bottom part of the bed but can be placed anywhere in your room. Featuring a lift-up top with an opening mechanism which reveals a large storage space which can be used to store blankets and bedding. As you may already know about how hard it can be to keep your child’s room tidy, a blanket box is perfect for a child’s room for storing toys and declutter.

A majority of our blanket boxes are made using high grade solid oak and are also available in solid pine. We are also introducing fabric and leather ottoman blanket boxes to our extensive range. All of our ottomans are delivered ready assembled directly to your room of choice. Blanket boxes can also have drawers which offer loads of storage space. If using to place the item at the bottom of the bed, then a lot of colour options are also available to match the colour of your bed and the rest of your furniture in the room. Other popular colours available are cream and white blanket boxes.

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Copper Leaf Toy Box


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Silver Leaf Toy Box


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