Looking to add a majestic touch to your living room? Check out our exclusive collection of luxury marble lamp tables which all come with matching console tables, console tables and dining tables. Each marble side table has its own identity as no two pieces are ever alike. Marble is an extremely solid and popular material which has been used in the production of furniture for centuries. Marble is a type of stone which has been formed over centuries. Each lamp table is very carefully made by hand. Once the marble is cut into the correct shape, it is repeatedly polished to achieve the perfect finish and smoothness. Once this process is complete, a high quality lacquered finish is applied which protects the surface from spillages and scratches. However we do strongly advise that care guidelines are followed when maintaining your marble living room furniture. These instructions will be provided to you when making your purchase. Choose from a large variety of pieces in our marble furniture sale online. Another popular material used today is engineered stone which replicates marble. This is a composite material which is made up of crushed stone which is then bound together using adhesive resins. This solid piece of stone is then cut into its desired shape and covered with a thin and strong film which features a marble effect finish. Manufacturers around the world have perfected this material which makes it impossible to spot the difference between real marble and engineered marble furniture. Each designer marble lamp table is completely unique with its distinctive grains on the surface. A variety of colour options are available from cream or white marble lamp tables all the way to beige and black marble lamp tables.

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Aroma Tivoli Marble Lamp Table


Artina Marble and Glass Lamp Table


Athena Apotheosis Luxury Gold Side Table


Balinda Beyond Luxury Black Side Table


Breeze Italian Marble Lamp Table


Burma Tivoli Marble Lamp Table


Cadiz Crackle Designer Gold Side Table


Dallas Darian Luxury Black Side Table


Eden Empire Luxury Gold Tall Side Table


Eden Empire Small Marble Side Table


Elena Princess Onyx Marble Lamp Table


Elena Sahara Black Marble Round Lamp Table


Indore Italian Marble Lamp Table


Irvine Imperium Black Marble Side Table


Kira Designer Side Lamp Table


Kubano Designer Marble Lamp Table


Pemba Prisma Black Marble Side Table


Peru Walnut Marble Square Lamp Table


Porto Travertine Marble Lamp Table


Sahara Desert Stone Lamp Table