Welcome to Robson Furniture where you can stay up to date with the most current trends of marble dining room furniture. Marble has become a popular choice of material for a lot of our customers. A marble dining table is most certain to stand out and amaze your friends and family. The most amazing factor of these tables is that almost all types of dining chairs fit perfectly. Our marble furniture is made using the most solid and highest quality marble and then given a shiny clear lacquered finish which is designed to protect the surface. All of our luxury marble dining tables are accompanied by matching marble sideboards, lamp tables, coffee tables, console tables and marble living room furniture. Our marble tables can be purchased in various shapes which include rectangular, square, oval and round. All of our solid dining tables can also be purchased as a marble dining set with a variety of chairs. Depending on the size of your dining room, you can select from a small 4 seater table all the way to large 10 seater marble dining tables. Each piece has its own identity as two pieces never look alike. Completely transform your home by selecting exclusive pieces from our marble furniture sale for your dining room and living room.

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Acita Axis Luxury Dining Tables


Aden Designer Marble Dining Table


Agra Marble Round Dining Table


Akita Algerone Round Marble Dining Table


Alberto Cream Marble Dining Table


Aroma Cortina White Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Sahara Noir Marble Dining Table


Aroma Striped Stone Round Marble Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Gold Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Gold Round Marble Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Silver Marble Dining Table


Artina Black and White Marble Dining Table


Artina Marble and Glass Rectangular Dining Table


Artina Marble Square Dining Table


Athena Apotheosis Luxury Marble Dining Table


Athens Amani Marble Round Dining Table


Athens Princess Onyx Marble Square Dining Table


Athens Siena Walnut Travertine Marble Dining Table


Avon Avalanche Marble Luxury Dining Table


Barcelona Cortina White Marble Round Dining Table