Indulge your home with high quality and luxury marble living room furniture. In this section you can view unique and exclusive pieces of marble coffee tables. Marble is a natural material which is formed over centuries. Marble furniture has been famous for generations and is a popular choice for our customers. These solid pieces of furniture are extremely eye catching and unique. Each item is made using traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. Once the marble is cut, it is then hand polished and lacquered to protect the surface from scratches and spillages. Each marble coffee table is accompanied by a matching lamp table, console table and a dining table. With our marble furniture ranges, you can transform your dining room and living room completely and add charm to your home. Choose your modern marble coffee table today. Our marble furniture comes in a variety of different colours and textures. Not only we offer a variety of different sizes, we also offer a selection of shapes which include round, rectangular and square marble coffee tables. A marble center table is an absolute necessity if you already have similar pieces in your home. A range of colours for you to choose from light marble to black marble coffee tables.

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Amari Marble Coffee Table

£699.00 £529.00

Elson Marble Coffee Table

£795.00 £595.00

Esta Marble Coffee Table

£795.00 £595.00

Fillo Marble Coffee Table

£699.00 £525.00

Gensen Marble Coffee Table

£649.00 £485.00

Marly Marble Coffee Table

£699.00 £549.00

Mirza Marble Coffee Table

£699.00 £525.00

Oscana Marble Coffee Table

£795.00 £595.00

Prenzo Marble Coffee Table

£675.00 £475.00

Ravena Marble Coffee Table

£725.00 £525.00
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