Welcome to our designer furniture section where you will find eye catching and beautiful pieces of luxury furniture by Tonelli Design. Based in a city called Perseo all the way in Italy, Tonelli has very quickly become a world leader in producing designer glass furniture pieces which are out of this world. Only the highest quality toughened glass is used for additional strength and support. Our customers are given the option of selecting their own glass type which includes black, white, transparent, frosted, smoked and extra clear glass. Tonelli Design is a glass furniture manufacturer who works with world famous furniture designers such as Francesca Arrighi, Uto Balmoral, Barberini-Gunnell, Bartoli Design, Fabio Bortolani, Maurizio Castelvetro, Paolo Icaro Chassotti, D’Urbino – Lomazzi, Favaretto & Partners, Giovanni Tommasso Garattoni, Robert Garbugli, Marco Gaudenzi, Gonzo – Vicari, Isao Hosoe, Itamar Harari, Leonardi – Marinelli, M.U., Giulio Mancini, Moe Design Lab, Emilio Nanni, Paolo Grasselli, Luca Papini, Filippo Pernisco – Nisco, Matteo Ragni, Karim Rashid, Denis Santachiara, Luigi Serafini, Kaori Shiina, Andrea Tempestini, Tonelli Design R&D and Luigi Trenti.

Get ready to find designer glass dining room furniture, glass living room furniture and glass bedroom furniture. Each item can be completely customized in any size that you require. After your furniture is carefully handmade, it is then transported directly to you by our dedicated two man furniture delivery team. All of our glass furniture is handled with extreme care and looked after. Heavy duty packaging ensures safe and secure transportation. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, spoil yourself and transform your home with our designer and luxury Italian glass furniture.

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Albero Glass Book Stand


Alfabeta Glass Shelves (Set)


Altrove Glass Shelving Unit


Amon 1


Amon 3


Anemone Black Glass Lamp Table


Anemone Black Glass Tall Lamp Table


Anemone White Glass Lamp Table


Anemone White Glass Tall Lamp Table


Autostima Large Floor Mirror


Autostima Wall Mirror


Bacco 180cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 200cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 225cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 245cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 245cm Glass Large Dining Table


Bacco 260cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 280cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 300cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco Glass Desk