Also known as a luxury end table or a side table, a lamp table is a small piece of furniture which is most commonly used in your living room and has many different functions. They are made using beautiful materials by experienced manufacturers and world famous designers. Innovating techniques allow our production department to produce truly unique and exceptional pieces of luxury living room furniture. Our main goal at Robson Furniture is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and a service that will never be forgotten. Our expert team of sales representatives are highly trained and have vast knowledge of the interiors industry. On our luxury furniture store you can find exclusive lamp tables which are designed for any type of setting from a traditional cottage all the way to a modern and contemporary apartment or even a palace.

We use high definition and resolution images which allows our customers to get a good close up view of the products before making a purchase. Our designer side tables are a fusion of creativity, innovation, stylists and designers. At times it can be difficult to find the right lamp table, our professional team are here to help you and we will make sure we get you the perfect end table. We can even make your furniture to order where you get to choose your own shapes, own materials and own colours. Our luxury furniture is sure to make your lounge feel pleasant and add comfort to it. Our skilled craftsmen and manufacturers pay attention to every little detail until perfection is achieved. There is a lot more to furniture than just a good design. Our luxury lamp tables are very practical pieces of furniture and can be placed next to your sofa to place remote controls, a table lamp, drinks and almost anything you want. You can even purchase a lamp table with drawers which provides extra storage space.

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Artina Marble and Glass Lamp Table


Athena Apotheosis Luxury Gold Side Table


Balinda Beyond Luxury Black Side Table


Bryce Black and Gold Side Table


Cadiz Crackle Designer Gold Side Table


Canted End Table Mahogany AMC119


Cay Luxury Side Table


Dallas Darian Luxury Black Side Table


Deco End Table Burr Poplar W242


Deco End Table Japanese Ash W237


Deco End Table Quartered Ebony W242


Eden Empire Luxury Gold Tall Side Table


Eden Empire Small Marble Side Table


Edison Eden Designer Copper Lamp Table


Edison Eden Luxury Gold Side Table


Edison Eden Set of 7 Gold Tables


Edison Eden Silver Luxury Lamp Table


Elani Enchanted Luxury Side Table


End Table Burr Walnut W231


Georgina Tamara Luxury Mirrored Lamp Table