A dining table is a very important piece of furniture which has become a huge part of our lives. Designed to enjoy meals on with your friends and family, a dining table can also be used for several other purposes such as studying and revising. Robson Furniture gives its customers a variety of shape options which are rectangular, square, oval and round. Our luxurious dining tables are carefully sourced from all over the globe by famous designers and manufacturers. Select from hundreds of sizes which range from small 2 seater dining tables to 20 seater large dining tables. Traditional and contemporary luxury dining tables are available in stunning designs to accommodate all types of personal tastes. Select from popular materials such as glass, solid oak, mirrored, high gloss, mahogany, walnut, ebony, silver and gold dining tables. Once you have chosen your desired material, our master craftsmen will create for you any design that you want. All of the high quality finishes and lacquers are manually applied by hand. Once built, extensive and thorough quality checks are carried out by our manufacturers and our quality control department in order to make sure that there isn’t even a single imperfection. We have earned a reputation of delivering each piece of furniture in a perfect condition, no matter how big or small.

Our exclusive dining tables feature smooth tops which give you, your friends and your family an unforgettable and comfortable dining experience. In this section you can find pieces by top designers and brand names out there. We also offer our valued customers with bespoke dining tables which can be customized in any way that you want. A lot of our customers like to take advantage of this exclusive service. Robson Furniture doesn’t only cater to the residential sector. We are also experts in providing our glamorous furniture to the hotel and hospitality industry.

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Agra Marble Round Dining Table


Akita Algerone Round Marble Dining Table


Alani Allure Round Glass Designer Dining Table


Apis Large Round Designer Dining Table


Apis Round Luxury Dining Table


Aroma Cortina White Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Sahara Noir Marble Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Gold Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Gold Round Marble Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Silver Marble Dining Table


Artina Black and White Marble Dining Table


Artina Marble Square Dining Table


Athena Apotheosis Luxury Marble Dining Table


Athens Amani Marble Round Dining Table


Athens Princess Onyx Marble Square Dining Table


Athens Siena Walnut Travertine Marble Dining Table


Avon Avalanche Marble Luxury Dining Table


Bacco 180cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 200cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 225cm Glass Dining Table



Glass is a beautiful and brittle material which is usually transparent and can be moulded into almost any shape. Glass is made by fusing various materials at very high temperatures up to 1800 degrees celsius. Our luxury glass dining room furniture is made using high quality toughened glass which is extra strong and safe. Our glass tables are coated with a clear lacquer which prevents the surface from getting scratched and marked easily. Our world famous designers and manufacturers have also perfected the methods of making glass in a variety of colours. Our personal favourite is extra clear glass which can be used on most of our dining tables. Robson Furniture has established strong relationships with designers and manufacturers who have come together to produce some of the most unimaginable designs. Got a large family or have a large gathering coming up? You’re going to need one of our designer glass extending dining tables which can effortlessly increase in size and accommodate more diners. Beautiful designs that add character and charisma to your home. Our Gulliver glass furniture range by Tonelli Design is glamorous and features an optional wireless charger for your mobile phone and other compatible devices. A large variety of dining chairs can also be purchased in the most unique, modern and stylish designs to go perfectly with our exclusive glass dining tables.


All of our antique style furniture is constructed using traditional methods which add a fine patina to the wood. Expansion and shrinkage can occur depending on the environment that the furniture is kept in. This is due to the natural characteristics of the wood. Only the highest quality materials are used to produce our antique furniture ranges such as solid mahogany, crown ebony, burr poplar, burr walnut and quartered ebony which are sourced from environmentally friendly sustained forests. As each item is truly unique, we also offer a colour matching service if you are purchasing more that one piece from our antique dining room or living room furniture. Made entirely by hand by skilled cabinet makers who have generations of experience in producing some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture.


Welcome to Robson Furniture where we specialize in working with top designers and manufacturers from all over the world. Find products by exclusive manufacturers such as Tonelli Design, Iain James Furniture, Fiam Italia, Boca Do Lobo, Carpanelli, Camel Group and many more. Our exclusive dining tables are designed to make a bold statement in your home. In this section you can find the most unique and different styles and designs that will simply take your breath away. Our French style hand carved dining tables can be made in any colour that your heart desires.


Extending dining tables are increasing in popularity daily as they are designed to increase in length for those large gatherings. Our luxury dining tables extend with the help of extension leaves. Available in various shapes which include round, rectangular, square and oval. Choose from sizes which can seat up to 6 people all the way up to sizes which can comfortably accommodate 20 diners. At Robson Furniture you can find the most luxurious and designer dining chairs which perfectly go with all of our designer extending dining tables.


Marble is a natural material which has been used for centuries. Marble is a solid rock which is naturally formed over a very long time. Our designers and manufacturers have come together to produce some of the most beautiful designs. The most common type of marble used for furniture is Travertine marble. The most unique features of Travertine marble are ita texture, strength and appearance. Another solid material which is available is Granite. As these dining tables are made using natural materials, therefore every individual piece is unique and has its own identity. No two pieces are ever alike. Each item is thoroughly polished and then covered with a thick clear lacquer which protects the furniture from spillages and marks. Although we do recommend that you follow care guidelines which we provide to you when buying from us. Our marble dining tables can be made in any size and shape. So whether you are looking for a rectangular, round, square or an oval dining table, simply call us and we will make it happen for you.


Keep it traditional and contemporary by selecting from our vast range of solid oak furniture products. Oak is an extremely popular material and is used for thousands of things around us from fences and kitchens to doors and buildings. Our solid oak dining tables are available in many shades which include light, medium, dark and rustic. Oak has become famous due to the strong characteristics of the wood. Truly durable and strong, oak furniture is designed to add character to your home. All of the oak wood for our luxury ranges undergoes a unique steaming process which strengthens the wood to produce higher quality furniture. Pick from a comprehensive collection of luxury solid oak dining room and living room furniture.


Looking for something extraordinary for your home? No need to look any further. You have definitely come to the right place. Robson Furniture specialises in offering its customers the highest quality Italian dining room furniture at prices that you simply can not resist. Choose from traditional and contemporary styles. We even offer a bespoke service which allows you to select your own style, design, size, shape, colour and finish. Our gold and silver dining tables are truly designed to make a bold statement. World class designers and manufacturers in Italy have come together to produce some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture available on the market. Simply call our professional sales team who will assist you in every way in order to make your home beautiful.

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