Choose the perfect luxury dining table and your ideal dining chairs in order to design the perfect dining set for you. At Robson Furniture you can select from a large variety of materials to suit the setting of your home and most importantly your personal taste. Select from the latest to antique style traditional designs of high end dining room furniture. A dining set is a center piece and the main attraction to any dining room. Entertain your friends and family in pure luxury with one of our exclusive high end dining sets. Available in many shapes which include square, round, rectangular and oval. If you have large gatherings on a regular basis, you must take a look at our extending dining sets which can conveniently increase in size with the use of extension leaves. Our unique dining sets are sourced from all over the world from countries such as Italy, France and Portugal.

For a completely traditional touch, have a look at our designer Iain James antique style dining room furniture which is made using the highest grade materials and perfectly hand finished in the most beautiful polishes and waxes. Further information regarding these products can be found at the bottom of this page. Our expert team are constantly sourcing for new and exciting products to keep up with current trends. Robson Furniture is known to work closely with designers and manufacturers from all over the world. Boca Do Lobo is one of the manufacturers that we work with and they are well known for regularly introducing innovating and completely unique pieces of furniture. By using our specialist bespoke service, you can choose your own style, design, colour and finish. Along with our dining sets we also carry a large variety of matching dining room furniture which includes sideboards, display cabinets and dressers. Completely transform your home with an exclusive furniture package deal designed just for you. Our dedicated delivery team are known to offer you with a high quality service. Your furniture will not only be delivered to the room of your choice but will also be unpacked, positioned and the packaging will be removed from your property.

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Alberto Cream Marble 6 Seater Dining Set

£2,895.00 £2,295.00

Amari Marble 180cm Dining Table with 6 Chairs

£2,499.00 £2,195.00

Ambrose Glass Extending Dining Table with 10 Harvey Black Chairs

£2,499.00 £2,149.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 160cm Extending Dining Table with 6 Arley Chairs

£2,199.00 £1,799.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 160cm Extending Dining Table with 6 Croydon Chairs

£2,199.00 £1,799.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 160cm Extending Dining Table with 6 Howard Chairs

£2,199.00 £1,799.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table with 8 Arley Chairs

£2,395.00 £1,995.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table with 8 Croydon Chairs

£2,395.00 £1,995.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table with 8 Howard Chairs

£2,395.00 £1,995.00

Avalon Dark Solid Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table with 8 Monty Chairs

£2,295.00 £1,895.00

Avalon Oak & Cream Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Carver Chairs

£2,195.00 £1,995.00

Avalon Oak Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Arley Chairs

£1,999.00 £1,649.00

Avalon Oak Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Bromley Chairs

£1,999.00 £1,649.00

Avalon Oak Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Croydon Chairs

£1,999.00 £1,695.00

Avalon Oak Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Howard Chairs

£2,295.00 £1,895.00

Avalon Oak Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Lewis Chairs

£1,999.00 £1,649.00

Avalon Oak Oval Extending Dining Table with 8 Venice Chairs

£1,999.00 £1,699.00

Avalon Solid Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table with 8 Rome Chairs

£2,199.00 £1,799.00

Avalon Solid Oak 200cm Extending Dining Table with 8 Venice Chairs

£2,299.00 £1,899.00

Belgravia Dark Solid Oak 180cm Dining Table with 6 Arley Chairs

£2,149.00 £1,749.00


Glass is a very popular and strong material and has become a massive part of our lives. Glass is used for thousands of things which include windows, mirrors, cups, plates, windscreens and loads more. Not just ordinary glass is used to make our furniture. A special toughened glass is used for furniture as it is extra strong and extra safe. Each of our glass dining tables are created with a clear lacquer which prevents the surface from being marked and scratched easily. Our glass dining sets come in a variety of styles and colours which include frosted, smoked, transparent, red, white lacquered and black lacquered glass. As glass is such a versatile material, we can make your dining table in any size that your heart desires. Glass can be molded into almost any shape when at the right temperature which is 1700 degrees. Select from the most modern and contemporary designs available in our luxury and designer section.


Looking for branded furniture for your home? No problem. Robson Furniture brings to you high end dining room furniture from some of the most popular and famous designers and manufacturers such as Tonelli Design, Iain James Furniture, Riflessi, Jetclass, Mark Harris Furniture, Fiam Italia, Orsitalia, Carpanelli, Caspani, SMA, Compar and many more. We even offer our customers a sourcing service. In the rare event that you are unable to find what you are looking for, simply call us on 01214004040 and speak with one of our expert sales staff who will find the perfect product for you based on your taste and requirements. An exclusive designer dining set is truly unique as you get the bespoke option of customizing your furniture to your exact specifications.


Be stunned by our amazing collection of Italian dining room furniture which has been made by world famous designers and manufacturers. Italy has dominated the furniture industry over the recent years. Each of our luxury dining sets are made from the highest quality materials entirely by hand from start to finish by skilled craftsmen who come with generations of experience. Truly unique designs which can be customized even further to suit your exact needs. Treat yourself to an exclusive furniture package by Robson’s which will be designed just for you.


Let’s take a walk back in time and let us introduce to you our antique and traditional style dining room furniture. Choose from antique style dining tables which are available in various different shapes and styles. Create your perfect dining set by selecting your ideal dining table and matching dining chairs which are hand carved and upholstered in the most beautiful fabrics imaginable. We can also upholster your dining chairs with your own fabrics to add a personal touch to your furniture. The timber used to produce these ranges is sourced from environmentally friendly sustainable forests. Only the highest grade woods are used such as solid mahogany, burr walnut, burr poplar, quartered ebony, rose wood, crown ebony and burr oak. Each material is treated with high quality lacquers for added protection. Fantastic waxes and polishes are then hand applied to your furniture several times so that the grains and the texture of the wood is clearly visible. Each item is truly unique and no two pieces are ever alike. We also offer our customers a colour matching service if purchasing more that one piece. Each dining set is accompanied by matching antique style living room furniture so go ahead and transform your home entirely with an irresistible package deal designed specifically for you.


Furniture is an essential part of our homes and when it comes to our luxury dining sets, we do not compromise on quality. A dining set can be a considerable investment for your home. We at Robson Furniture offer our valued customers with 100% exclusivity when it comes to selecting your dining set and exclusive dining room furniture. We will allow you to pick from a range of materials, the shape of your choice, a variety of colours and most importantly the finishings and sizes. Some of our manufacturers also provide you with the option of having your furniture in a luxurious gold and silver leaf finish.


Looking for a material which is extremely strong, durable and stylish, take a peek at our solid oak dining room furniture which offers you unlimited combinations. Each dining set is accompanied by matching furniture such as sideboards, dining chairs, dressers, wine cabinets, display cabinets and much more. Our oak timbers are sourced from sustainable forests. Our oak tables are finished with a clear lacquer which allows you to appreciate the beautiful grains and textures of the wood. Solid and chunky tables for you to select from which are then accompanied by a large selection of dining chairs in many beautiful and unique designs. Choose an oak extending dining set if you have a large family or for those festive occasions where your friends and family get together to enjoy a pleasant meal.


A lot of our customers tend to select an extending dining set as the dining table has the ability to increase in length for the large gatherings. However, a dining table is not enough. It is extremely important to select the right dining chairs according to your décor and personal taste. Hence we offer our customers hundreds of designs, styles, shapes and colours to choose from. Each of our chairs is carefully designed and built to provide you and your guests with maximum comfort for a memorable dining experience. Most of our customers choose these dining sets as we offer unlimited varieties for you to select from. Every shape imaginable is available which includes square, rectangular, round and oval. So no matter how much space you have available in your dining room, we have the ideal size for you. Each dining set is accompanied with matching oak dining room and living room furniture so go on and spoil yourself with a package deal designed exclusively just for you.

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