A dining chair is not just a piece of furniture that goes along with your dining table. A dining chair represents you in many ways. Its main purpose is to offer comfort to you, your family and your friends whilst dining. It is also important to select the correct type of dining chairs to match the colour scheme of your dining room. Therefore, we carry a large range of chairs which are available in many different colours such as black, dark brown, white, ivory, cream, red, purple, green, grey, orange and pink dining chairs. We even offer our customers a range of materials which are leather, faux leather, solid oak, wooden, antique style and fabric dining chairs. More detailed information regarding this can be found at the bottom of this page. Another important factor to consider is the height of your seat as it is vital that you find your chairs comfortable. Some of the models even have curved backs for added support. Our leather chairs feature sprung seats to ensure that you get a comfortable dining experience.

In the very rare event that you don’t find your dining chairs comfortable, simply call us and we will be more than happy to replace them for you as our main objective here at Robson Furniture is to give our customers 100% satisfaction and a shopping experience that wont be forgotten. Our luxury and designer dining chairs are handmade to perfection. A dining chair can also be used in a living room when additional seating is required for those large gatherings. A dining table now a days is not only used for having a meal but is also used by your children to do their homework on. A majority of our dining chairs are sold in pairs and the more pieces that you order, the better the price gets. We are well known for giving our customers irresistible package deals which can not be found anywhere else.

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Adorn Luxury Chair


Annette Anastasia Luxury Chair


Aria Asia Designer Dining Chair


Bourbon Blue Velvet Bar Chair


Bourbon Designer Stool


Bourbon Velvet Dining Chair


Chester Charla Luxury Dining Chair


Chevon Chandra Luxury Dining Chair


Chevon Chandra Tall Designer Dining Chair


Crato Cadira Designer Dining Chair


Davies Tall Luxury Bar Stool


Dillon Designer Leather Bar Stool


Dillon Luxury Leather Dining Chair


Elani Enchanted Chair with Arms


Elani Enchanted Designer Dining Chair


Emperor Emporium Fur Gold Luxury Chair


Emporium 3 Legged Copper Chair


Emporium 3 Legged Silver Chair


Emporium Designer Copper Plated Chair


Emporium Designer Gold Plated Chair