Dining room furniture is an absolute essential to every home. However luxury dining furniture is designed to make a bold statement. Here at Robson Furniture you will find jaw dropping designs which simply take your breath away. You can easily recognise the high quality materials used to build our furniture. No matter what type of setting you have at home, we have dining room furniture which has been inspired by 18th century designs all the way to modern and trendy. The only place that we do not deliver to is the moon, so wherever you are in the world, we will deliver to you. Our luxury ranges are designed to give you, your family and friends an unforgettable dining experience. Choose from stunning dining table styles to the most comfortable dining chairs. Our luxurious dining tables are available in every size imaginable and in many shapes which include square, rectangular, round and oval. With Robson Furniture you can evoke almost any atmosphere in your dining room. We can perfectly combine materials with finishes according to your personal taste. Our luxury furniture section offers truly unique products and can be altered to your needs and requirements. Find every style ranging from traditional antique all the way to stunning modern dining room furniture.

Choose from luxury dining tables, extending dining tables, dining sets, sideboards, dressers, display cabinets, dining chairs and loads more. Robson Furniture only works with world famous designers and manufacturers who have decades of experience in catering to the high end dining room furniture sector. We are also well known for offering our customers unbeatable and irresistible package deals. In the rare event you are finding it difficult to locate the right item, simply call us on 01214004040 and one of our expert team members will help you find the perfect product for you. At the bottom of this page you can find more detailed information regarding what’s included in our luxury and high end dining furniture.

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Abuja Aurora Designer High Sideboard Bar


Abuja Aurora Luxury Walnut Sideboard


Acita Axis Luxury Dining Tables


Aden Designer Marble Dining Table


Adorn Luxury Chair


Agra Black and Gold Luxury Sideboard


Agra Marble Display Stand


Agra Marble Round Dining Table


Akita Algerone Round Marble Dining Table


Alani Allure Round Glass Designer Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Extra Large Glass Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Luxury Glass Dining Table


Andrea Addicta Luxury Venetian Mirror


Annette Anastasia Luxury Chair


Antique Style Breakfront Sideboard AMC51


Apis Large Round Designer Dining Table


Apis Round Luxury Dining Table


Aria Asia Designer Dining Chair


Aroma Cortina White Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Sahara Noir Marble Dining Table