Welcome to the luxury section of our website. Robson Furniture has carefully sourced high quality luxury furniture products from all over the world. We are extremely passionate about bringing to you designer and exclusive furniture which has been made carefully by hand by skilled craftsmen with generations worth of experience. In this section you can find traditional luxury furniture all the way to modern and contemporary luxury furniture. Our staff here are highly trained and have in-depth knowledge of the high end furniture industry and are here to assist you. A large portion of our luxury products are made to order as each product comes with various size and colour options. This feature allows our valued customers to customise their furniture to their exact specifications. Whether you are looking to purchase a single item or decorating your entire property, we take on every project no matter how big or small.

We understand that sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find what you are looking for. Well you don’t need to look any further. Simply give us a call and our specialist sourcing team will find you exactly what you want. In the rare event that we are unable to locate the perfect product for you, we will get it made for you. With our luxury high end furniture, nothing is overlooked and attention is paid to every single detail. Our classic luxury furniture is extremely popular because of its jaw dropping designs and to add to that, we offer 24 karat gold leaf and silver leaf finishes. Robson Furniture offers its valued customers a bespoke service which allows you to select every aspect of your furniture and we will have it made for you. A lot of our luxury furniture products come with a variety of size and colour options as it is. However, if you feel that you want something more than just our standard specs, all you need to do is let us know and we will take care of the rest.

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4 Drawer Bow Chest Mahogany AMC162


Abuja Aurora Designer High Sideboard Bar


Abuja Aurora Luxury Walnut Sideboard


Acita Axis Luxury Dining Tables


Adana Acoma Luxury Leather Armchair


Aden Arca Luxury Large Bookcase


Aden Designer Marble Dining Table


Adorn Luxury Chair


Agra Black and Gold Luxury Sideboard


Agra Marble Display Stand


Agra Marble Luxury Console Table


Agra Marble Round Dining Table


Ajmer Ambassador Large Luxury Sofa


Akita Algerone Round Marble Dining Table


Alani Allure Round Glass Designer Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Extra Large Glass Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Luxury Glass Dining Table


Albero Glass Book Stand


Alexandria 5′ King Size Silver French Bed


Alexandria 6′ Super King Size Silver French Bed