Entertain your guests in style by accommodating them on a luxury dining table by Robson Furniture. We are specialists in offering our customers the most luxurious and high end designer glass dining tables. No matter what your requirements are, we can accommodate. Depending on the size of your property and dining room, we have every size available. If you have a large family or have frequent dinner parties and gatherings, then you must browse through our glass extending dining tables. These tables are able to increase in length with the help of extension leaves. Select from different shapes which include round, oval, square and rectangular. Each piece is made using tempered glass which meets with UK and European safety standards. Some of the most jaw dropping designs are available which fit into all types of settings perfectly. With your brand new designer dining table made from glass, why not add dining chairs to match your existing setting as they come in a huge range of colours and materials.

Choose from black, red, white, frosted, smoked, transparent and extra clear glass dining tables. Find small sizes which can accommodate 4 people all the way to extra large tables which can comfortably seat more than 20 diners. Our designer ranges by Tonelli Design in Italy are certain to give your home a contemporary, modern and royal feel. All of our beautiful pieces are coated with a clear lacquer which prevents your table from getting marked and scratched easily although we do recommend that basic care is taken. Glass can be a high maintenance material but not our ranges.  All you need is a normal glass cleaning spray and a dry cloth to do the trick. If you are after a particular size and can’t find it on our website, simply contact us and enquire about our bespoke dining table option. All you have to do is tell us what style you are looking for, the size of the table and what colour glass you want and Robson Furniture will take care of the rest.

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Acita Axis Luxury Dining Tables


Alani Allure Round Glass Designer Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Extra Large Glass Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Luxury Glass Dining Table


Artina Black and White Marble Dining Table


Artina Marble and Glass Rectangular Dining Table


Artina Marble Square Dining Table


Bacco 180cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 200cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 225cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 245cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 245cm Glass Large Dining Table


Bacco 260cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 280cm Glass Dining Table


Bacco 300cm Glass Dining Table


Bakkarat Alto 110cm Round Glass Dining Table


Bakkarat Alto 120cm Round Glass Dining Table


Bakkarat Alto 130cm Round Glass Dining Table


Bakkarat Alto 140cm Round Glass Dining Table


Bakkarat Alto 200cm Glass Dining Table