Welcome to Robson Furniture who are specialists in offering vast varieties on all of our products. A dining table is a very important and special piece of furniture. Its main purpose is to enjoy meals on and has become a huge part of everyone’s day to day life. Known for being most useful around festive seasons like Christmas where all the families get together and share meals, memories and laughter. Our brand new Italian dining room ranges are designed to take your breath away. We even have dining tables which are a fusion between oak and metal. Some of the most contemporary designs are available through us and delivered to the room of your choice. We even offer an assembly service. Our dedicated delivery team will not only deliver your furniture but also assemble the furniture for you. To enquire about this service, please contact our sales team.

No matter what shape your dining room is and no matter how big or small, we have something for everyone. You can choose from square, round, oval and rectangular dining tables. All of our dining tables come in different sizes, colours and materials. Now a days a dining table is also an ideal place chosen by children and students to do their homework. Continue reading below for more details on some of the materials that we offer. We have small dining tables which are suitable for two or four people all the way to extra large,which can comfortably seat up to twenty diners. We have the perfect dining table for you no matter what the occasion. Our designer dining tables offer our customers with a lot of flexibility. You can even change the table sizes to match your specifications and you can also choose the colour of the furniture.

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Acita Axis Luxury Dining Tables


Aden Designer Marble Dining Table


Agra Marble Round Dining Table


Akita Algerone Round Marble Dining Table


Alani Allure Round Glass Designer Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Extra Large Glass Dining Table


Alanya Aikido Luxury Glass Dining Table


Alberto Cream Marble Dining Table


Apis Large Round Designer Dining Table


Apis Round Luxury Dining Table


Aroma Cortina White Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Sahara Noir Marble Dining Table


Aroma Striped Stone Round Marble Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Gold Marble Square Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Gold Round Marble Dining Table


Aroma Tivoli Silver Marble Dining Table


Artina Black and White Marble Dining Table


Artina Marble and Glass Rectangular Dining Table


Artina Marble Square Dining Table


Athena Apotheosis Luxury Marble Dining Table