A dining room is one of the most important rooms in our homes. It’s where the whole family gets together for a meal and share memories. Upgrading your dining room has never been so easy with Robson Furniture. Our specialist sales team are here to assist you every step of the way. Find a huge variety which ranges from traditional and antique style all the way to modern and contemporary dining room furniture. Browse through our extensive range of dining tables, extending dining tables, dining sets, dining chairs, sideboards, wine racks, dressers, dining benches and much more.

Choose from a large list of materials which include glass, solid oak, pine, metal, mahogany, walnut, high gloss black, high gloss white, marble dining room furniture and loads more. We have collections which are suitable for small apartments all the way to large mansions. Most of our dining room items come with matching furniture which allows you to buy complete sets when investing in your home. We are well known for Italian dining furniture which is available in some mind blowing designs and shapes. A dining room is not just a room where you enjoy a meal, it is also used by children when doing their homework. It is important to choose the right size furniture for your dining room so that there is plenty of space to move around, so we feature thousands of dining tables which are available in various different shapes and sizes. We also have display cabinets with built-in LED lights which are designed to add character to your dining room and to give you and your guests an ultimate dining experience. Choose from a selection of dining chairs which are available in oak, leather and fabric and are built to provide maximum comfort. We hope you have an amazing shopping experience with Robson Furniture and our expert sales staff are here to help you all the way.

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Abigail Glass Dining Set with Black Chairs

£495.00 £395.00

Abigail Glass Dining Set with Brown Chairs

£495.00 £395.00

Abigail Glass Dining Set with Cream Chairs

£495.00 £395.00

Abigail Glass Dining Set with Grey Chairs

£495.00 £395.00

Abigail Glass Dining Set with Red Chairs

£495.00 £395.00

Abigail Glass Dining Set with White Chairs

£495.00 £395.00

Adorn Luxury Chair


Agra Black and Gold Luxury Sideboard


Agra Marble Round Dining Table


Akita Algerone Round Marble Dining Table


Alani Allure Round Glass Designer Dining Table


Albany Dark Oak Beige Dining Chair (Pair)

£599.00 £475.00

Albany Dark Oak Grey Dining Chair (Pair)

£599.00 £475.00

Albany Oak Beige Dining Chair (Pair)

£599.00 £475.00

Albany Oak Grey Dining Chair (Pair)

£599.00 £475.00

Alberto Cream Marble 6 Seater Dining Set

£2,895.00 £2,295.00

Alberto Cream Marble Dining Table

£1,499.00 £1,199.00

Alexander Armchair Burr Walnut AL02


Alexander Side Chair Burr Walnut AL01


Alexandria Silver French Chair

£499.00 £349.00


Dining Tables

Family gatherings are a huge part of our lives. A dining table is the main focal point of any dining room. Available in a huge variety of materials which include solid oak, glass, marble, metal dining tables and loads more. We also offer our customer’s the option to pick their own shape which includes square, oval, round and rectangular. Here you can expect to find dining tables in almost every size so whether you are looking for a small dining to seat two people of a large dining table that can easily accommodate up to 16 diners. This particularly comes in handy for large families or gatherings over festive seasons. Each one of our dining tables come with matching dining room furniture. So if you are thinking about transforming your entire dining room, you have come to the right place. Our glass dining tables fit in perfectly with almost every setting and background. A dining table can also be used as a work desk for children to do their homework.

Extending Dining Tables

What makes Robson Furniture the market leader in dining room furniture is the large variety of high quality furniture that we offer to our valued customers. An extending dining table is a table which extends with the help of extension leaves and are available in almost any size that you desire. Used mainly for large families or those family gatherings when extra space is needed. Choose from our luxury and designer dining tables which are designed and built all the way in Italy and delivered to the room of your choice.

Dining Sets

A dining set is vital for every household. We sell dining sets to suit everyone so whether you are looking for a 2 seater dining set or a 12 seater dining set, be sure to find the perfect product for you. You can even customise your dining set by choosing your own dining table with different dining chairs.


Sideboards are a perfect storage solution for your dining room. Used mostly for storing plates and glasses etc. Our sideboards are available in many different styles and sizes. A cabinet which consists of doors and drawers with a choice of handles to match your décor. Interior shelves are also included as an option. Pick from a large variety of sideboards which are available in solid oak, high gloss white, high gloss black, glass, Indian wood, dark wood sideboards and loads more. If you are intending to use your sideboard for storing drink bottles, why not take a look at our sideboards which include a wine rack which can hold up to twenty bottles.

Dining Chairs

Most of our dining chairs are delivered in pairs. Choose from a selection of fabric, wooden, leather, metal dining chairs and much more. We have a large variety of dining tables in many colours and materials to match our dining chairs. It is important to buy dining chairs which are comfortable for you, your family and your guests. On our online furniture store you can find antique dining chairs all the way to modern and luxury dining chairs. Only the best materials are used on our dining chairs which are in many different shapes and styles.

Dining Benches

A lot of people nowadays are replacing dining chairs with dining benches for extra comfort. One of the most popular materials used for dining benches is solid oak because o its strength and durability. Known to be a lot more cost effective than dining chairs, our kitchen benches are available in a large variety of sizes to suit dining tables of all different sizes to maximise seating space. When not in use, they can be put under the dining table as a pace saving solution. The best way to make full use of your dining table is to mix dining benches and dining chairs together. If you are looking for something more comfortable then choose from one of our leather or fabric dining benches.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are a perfect storage solution for wine bottles. Our wine cabinets are available in many different shapes and sizes. The most common material available is solid oak wine racks which range in size from small to large. We offer our customers great deals on these products closer to festive times like Christmas. You have the option of choosing from floor standing wine racks all the way to wall mounted wine racks.


A dining room dresser consist of two parts which are dresser base and a dresser top, both of which can be purchased separately. Most commonly used for storing plates and other display pieces. Also known as a buffet and hutch for your dining room. Our dining room dressers are available in a variety of materials which include solid oak, glass, dark wood, walnut and antique style mahogany dressers. We also offer our customers with many colour options to select from.  A dining table alone doesn’t complete your dining room. Various other pieces of furniture are available to help you transform your dining room entirely.

Indian Dining Room Furniture

Do you like unique furniture? Take a look at our Indian furniture which has been carefully handcrafted by skilled craftsmen all the way in India. Some of the most popular materials used are mango wood and sheesham wood dining room furniture. Sheesham and mango wood are known for their strength and beautiful textures with their unique grains. Each piece is individual. We carry Indian dining tables, Indian sideboards, Indian dining chairs and loads more in our Indian living room furniture range. Our Jali Indian Furniture range is amongst our best sellers.

Christmas Dining Furniture offers

We understand the importance of having a welcoming and perfect dining room over a festive period like Christmas when all the family gathers around the dining table under one roof for meal and make memories. We have exclusive Christmas furniture offers available to our new and existing customers. Simply call us on 01214004040 and enquire about our Christmas dining room furniture sales and offers.

Bespoke Dining Room Furniture

If you are looking for something completely unique and tailor-made, then you have come to the right place. All you have to do is tell us what your requirements are and we will make it for you. Select your own designs, styles and materials. You can have bespoke dining tables, bespoke sideboards, bespoke dining chairs, bespoke dining sets and loads more.

Mahogany Dining Room Furniture

Mahogany is a very popular type of wood which is used to craft unique antique style furniture pieces. Mahogany wood features unique grain textures which makes it ideal for producing truly unique pieces of fine furniture.  A large variety of waxes and polishes can be used on mahogany furniture to achieve your ideal shade. In our dining room section, you can find mahogany dining tables, mahogany sideboards, mahogany dressers and loads of antique style dining room furniture.

High Gloss Dining Room Furniture

High gloss furniture is increasing in popularity day by day with its stunning modern and attractive designs. Here you can find high gloss dining tables, high gloss sideboards and loads more. Oh and it doesn’t just end here, we also have a large section of high gloss bedroom furniture and high gloss living room furniture. The two most famous colours and finishes are high gloss black furniture and high gloss white furniture offering the most contemporary designs available on the high street.

Dark Wood Dining Room Furniture

Dark wood furniture is in huge demand these days and we carry loads of ranges which offer you just that. Our ranges are made using solid oak and walnut which feature a dark stained finish. Designed to last for many years to come. Find dark wood dining tables, dark wood dressers, dark wood dining chairs, dark wood sideboards and dark wood dining sets.

Marble Dining Room Furniture

Marble furniture is becoming very popular. Be stunned with our marble dining tables and marble sideboards which have been handmade using natural materials. Totally unique and beautiful pieces of furniture, no two marble products are alike and variations can occur and that’s the beauty of it. Available in many different shades and finishes to suit every type of décor. To match your marble dining furniture, we also hold a variety of marble lounge furniture.

Italian Dining Room Furniture

Let us introduce to you our exclusive range of Italian Furniture which has been custom made and designed all the way in Italy. The highest quality raw materials are used to make this particular type of furniture. Here you can find Italian dining tables, Italian dining sets, Italian sideboards, Italian display cabinets and much more.

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