Welcome to our designer furniture section where we feature high quality products by world famous designers and manufacturers known as Riflessi who are based in Italy. Italian furniture has very quickly become a popular choice for our customers worldwide. Italy has dominated the furniture market for decades and continues to grow stronger day by day. Riflessi are well known for producing some of the most luxurious and glamorous sideboards, dining tables, console tables, chairs and loads more. Be prepared to find the most innovative and mind blowing designs which are certain to add a majestic feel to your home. Each product made by Riflessi furniture comes with several options and variations. This allows our customers to customize their furniture to exactly how they want it. The sideboards are not only available in various different shapes and sizes but are also available with different types of door options. You can even have the doors finished in luscious real gold or silver leaf. Riflessi’s product development team work extremely hard and are passionate about creating brand new pieces which are designed to stand the test of time. Each piece produced is skillfully and carefully made by hand in order to achieve perfection each and every time. Only the very best and the highest quality materials and finishes are used. Modern techniques are used by Riflessi to create the most modern and contemporary pieces of luxury and designer furniture.

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Cubric Designer 3 Door Sideboard


Cubric Luxury 2 Door Sideboard


Cubric Painted Brass 3 Door Sideboard


Essenzia 4 Door High Sideboard


Essenzia High Gloss 3 Door Sideboard


Galaxy Luxury Extending Console Dining Table


Lamont Luxury Large 4 Door Sideboard


Lauren Luxury Glass Extending Dining Table


Liberty Luxury Large Oval Glass Dining Table


Manhattan Luxury Extending Extra Large Dining Table


Manson Designer Extending Console Dining Table


Mayda Oak Low Glass Luxury Display Cabinet


Mayda Oak Tall Glass Cabinet


Ola 3 Door High Sideboard


Ola Designer 3 Door Sideboard


Ola White High Gloss 3 Door Sideboard


Pesaro Large Oval Glass Dining Table


Pesaro Luxury Walnut Large Dining Table


Picasso 3 Door Gold Sideboard


Picasso Coke Oak 4 Door Sideboard