Robson Furniture are proud to offer its customers with mind blowing pieces of furniture by Italian manufacturer known as Fiam. The designers at Fiam Italia are extremely enthusiastic about creating revolutionary products by using only the highest quality glass. An amazing combination of craftsmanship and technology, these products are designed to stand the test of time. Glass is a material that has revolutionalised the entire world completely and is now used to produce thousands of items from your household glasses all the way to aircraft windows. Glass is created from the heating and molding of various materials including sand which is heated to over 1600 degrees in order to reach its melting point. At this point additional ingredients are added which determine the colour and texture of the glass. In this section of our luxury furniture you can find stunning pieces by Fiam Italia which include designer glass coffee tables, contemporary lamp tables, exquisite console tables, glamorous dining tables, large mirrors, stunning dining sets, modern sideboards and loads more. Each piece of designer furniture can be customized to your exact specifications as glass can be molded into any shape once at the correct temperature. These pieces are perfectly suitable for all types of environments from traditional to modern. All items are built using tempered glass which is extremely strong and safe. The most modern techniques are used in the production of these pieces. Choose from various different types which include transparent glass, extra clear, smoked glass, frosted glass and black glass. Contact our specialist sales team who are highly trained to assist you and add life to your home.

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Admiral Glass Standing Mirror


Alter Ego Designer Mirror


Alter Ego Large Mirror