20 Oct

Take a look at most kitchen brochures and they’ll feature copious images of massive spaces that are clearly designed to entertain large families and big parties. In reality, few of us have quite that much space to play with in one of the most frequently used rooms of a home. If you’re not blessed with a kitchen of the size seen in brochures and on TV adverts, don’t worry – there’s a tonne of things you can do to make it feel bigger. Here’s our favourites:

Be careful with backsplashes

If you create an obvious dividing line between the backsplash tiles and plain wall, the walls themselves won’t look particularly tall. Instead, opt for a short backsplash that matches the colour of the walls. You’ll be amazed by how quickly this makes the walls feel much taller than they are, adding to the perceived overall space in the room.

Alternatively, you can opt for a mirrored backsplash, which will appear to open up even more space within the kitchen.

Opt for plenty of cabinet lighting

Great lighting in a kitchen makes a huge difference to the perceived size of the room. If you can, install cabinet lighting both beneath the units and within any glass-fronted cupboards. Turn them on at night, and the additional light will make the room feel brighter – and bigger.

Go for a small fridge

It might be tempting to squeeze in the biggest American-style fridge freezer you can afford, but in doing so you’ll severely impact the space within the room. Large fridges may look impressive and offer you loads of space to keep food fresh, but they hog space like no other kitchen appliance.

Think about how often you cook and how much fresh produce you need to keep. Most of us can get away with a much smaller fridge than we think.

Choose light colours

If you opt for an overly dark colour scheme in your kitchen, it’ll immediately feel smaller. Instead, choose light colours – blues, yellows and rose, for instance – to brighten up the space and make it feel much bigger.

Be wise with furniture placement


You might not think it, but the placement of your furniture makes a huge difference to the perceived space in your kitchen. For instance, if you place your dining table somewhere which means people have to continually squeeze past it in order to move about the room, you’re robbing the kitchen of invaluable space.

Combine natural and man-made light

We noted above that cabinet lighting will make a significant difference to the feeling of spaciousness in a room, but it won’t work alone. If you’re blessed with relatively large windows, don’t prevent them from letting natural light in by covering them with large blinds. Instead, go for thin roller blinds that can disappear during the day and keep everything hidden when you’re not in.

Add to that some modern lighting (e.g. lamps hung from the ceiling or small table lamps), and you’ll open up far more space than you thought was present.

Wrapping up

Have we inspired you to make big of your small kitchen? We hope so. Get creative and unleash the space you didn’t think you had!