How to make your home more spacious
09 May

Moving home is expensive. Besides the cost of actually purchasing a new property, there’s the fees associated with physically moving your worldly belongings from one place to another.

This is the reason so many people decide instead to undertake work on their existing home. With a bit of creativity, imagination and – yes, sometimes – a slice of investment, you can turn your home into the place you’ve always wanted.

A primary reason for moving is to gain extra space, and in this post, we’re going to investigate two ways you can do that with your home.

Make it bigger – Literally

If you’ve exhausted every space you have available within your home and things are starting to feel a little cramped, you can do a lot worse that invest some time and money in making it physically bigger.

There are a couple of ways to do this:


There’s no getting away from the fact that you’ll need to dig deep to afford an extension of any size. The costs will depend on size, location, type of house and many other factors but if done correctly, it can be a sensible investment.

The smallest of extensions can make the biggest difference, therefore if you have an unusually shaped house that appears to have a piece missing, building an extension will make the best use of it. The extension itself might make use of the empty space above the garage or push the house out into part of the garden – however you decide to do it, you’ll gain square footage that will make your home feel much larger overall.

Just be sure to get several quotes from local building firms. If possible, go with one that comes recommended by friends and family and make sure you work from (and stick to) a solid budget to avoid overspending.

Loft conversion

It’s easy to forget that one of the most useful and unused spaces in any home is right above your head.

If you need extra space and an extension is simply too big an undertaking financially, a loft conversion might be the perfect alternative. An average cost for a loft conversion is around £20,000. So not cheap, but you can gain some seriously useful space as a result.

Make it appear bigger

There are a number of clever tricks you can pull off to make your home appear bigger, therefore if an extension or loft conversion is simply a step too far, some strategic, much smaller purchases will transform your home.

Glass and Mirror Stand

There are three ways you can make your home appear to be bigger than it actually is:

  • The oldest trick in the book, but a brilliant one. Fill your home with mirrors (literally – you can’t have too many), and their reflective power will vastly increase the perceived space.
  • Furniture colour. Avoid dark, oppressive furniture, and instead opt for light-coloured settees, units and storage. It makes a bigger difference than you might think.
  • Furniture placement. If you can reduce the amount of furniture you have and be strategic with the placement of what’s left, you’ll increase space considerably. Move items against walls and use integral storage (sofas with storage) to keep your clutter under control.

Wrapping up

We hope the tips above tempt you to make the most of the space you have available in your home. It’s bigger than you think!