Choosing the right settee for your living room space- The Key Considerations
08 Sep

Whether you have eclectic design tastes or want to adopt a minimalist ethos, choosing a settee for your living room is a choice that you will have to make at some stage.

With such a wide and diverse product range to choose from, however, this can be deceptively difficult so you will need to think long and hard before making a final decision.

In this post, we will look at the key considerations when selecting a settee for your living room, and hopefully enable you to make an informed decision:

The Size of Your Living Room

living room size

Let’s start with the basics, as the size of your living room will have a direct impact on the settee that you choose to buy. More specifically, you need to determine how much of the space that you need to consume with your settee, particularly with this item of furniture likely to the focal point for your design.

Your preferred design style will also have an impact here, as those who are fans of minimalism may not include further items of furniture and can, therefore, purchase a larger settee.

In contrast, those who favour traditional or eclectic styles may create a busier living room, which will restrict the available space and drive the need for a smaller settee.

The Requisite Shape for Your Settee and the Layout of your Room


If your settees a focal point for the living room, you will need to determine its position and how it is likely to be oriented. Much will depend on your hobbies as an individual and how you intend to spend your spare time, as television fans should position it in front of their flat screen while those who like to chat and entertain should strive to create a centre circle of  chairs around a central coffee table.


This brings us to the shape of your settee, which is another important factor when choosing your product. Those with more space or a desire to point it towards a television screen may want to invest in a sprawling three-seater or a corner sofa, for example, whereas other may need to purchase one or more two-seaters in a conventional style.

Regardless of your requirements or final choice, you will need to have a clear idea of the layout of your living room and the precise position of the settee before making a final choice.

Your Preferred Upholstery Materials

Now we come to your choice of materials and fabrics, which may be influenced by a wide range of factors including cost, ethics and the nature of your home life.

Leather is the most aesthetically pleasing material, for example, but this is relatively impractical for young families or those with an aversion to utilising animal products. Similarly, suede can prove to be exceptionally high maintenance for homeowners with pets or young children, while fabric settees can occasionally lack the necessary style for contemporary properties.

Colour is also an important consideration too, as lighter shades are more likely to stain and exceptionally difficult to keep clean over time.

As you can see, there is a need to strike a delicate balance between style and functionality when selecting your settee, particularly if you are to embellish your living space while achieving genuine value for money.