21 Jun

How can you choose the right accent colour for your home? More importantly, what can you do to ascertain whether or not you should go calm or bold with the interior design?

Is it possible to mix both?

It’s safe to assume that for the vast majority of home owners, neutrals are the go-to palette when it comes to decorating. They’re homely, calming, a great tonic to the hectic nature of modern life and aid re-sell value considerably.

However, bold interiors are more likely to quench the thirst of inquisitive minds and creative individuals, which is why we’re starting to see more eclectic choices arriving in homes across the world.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s our unmissable guide to picking the right accent colour to breathe live into your living space.

Before you start…
Before you even think about colour for your interior, you need to get your head around what you already have in place.

Look carefully at the following:

  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  •  Artwork
  • Appliances
  • Centrepieces (i.e. fireplace)

Any interior colour scheme you choose will need to play nicely with the above, so make sure the colours that already exist in your home are well accounted for.

Calm or bold? Three tones to choose from
Now, things get exciting. You can start to think about how you want each room to feel and the atmosphere you want to create.

Consider how each room will be used and the regularity they’ll be inhabited, and with that in mind, opt for one of the three colour tones:

1. Warm tones

warm colours winter

For social settings, warm accent colours are perfect. Autumnal reds, browns and oranges stimulate the mind and contrast brilliantly with any neutral-coloured furniture.

For example, a neutral sofa would sit brilliantly with a deep red coffee table.

2. Citrus tones


Add a dash of citrus to any room and you’ll immediately uplift the space.

Home offices are perfect examples of where bold citrus tones work particularly well. Yellow accents add a burst of energy to otherwise lifeless spaces and wooden furniture (go for oak if you can) will create an inspiring atmosphere.

3. Cool tones

There’s often an unfair assumption that cool colour palettes do nothing more than make a room feel cold and uninhabitable, but the opposite is true.

If you pick the right shades of green, blue and aqua, you can create a perfectly relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Such colours are unlikely to date, too, so consider a cool tone-inspired interior a great investment for your home.

And finally – a word on colour-clashing

We’ve hopefully inspired you to be both calm and bold with your choice of interior design, but you may be wondering about colour-clashing. And we’ve got some good news.

Colour-clashing is absolutely fine! It’s a fun way to create a room ambiance that is eye-catching and inspiring.

Get creative, be brave and try matching colours that appear to be the polar opposite of each other – you may be delighted by the results.