If there’s one room in which you’ll want to create a sense of endless relaxation and beauty, it is the bedroom. Unlike many spaces in your home, it can genuinely be described as a bolthole in which you can guarantee peace and quiet. It therefore stands to reason that you’ll want to make it your own when it comes to decor.

The bedroom is a unique space in that you can get very personal with the design. It is your own, personal room few people have access to, therefore you can express yourself intimately with the decorbedroom

In this blog post, we’ve got 6 simple ways you can create a gorgeous bedroom.

1. Keep things simple
A bedroom should be cozy, sophisticated, elegant, and yet simple. Too much furniture or too brash a colour scheme and you’ll curse every minute you’re unable to sleep or relax.

Furnish your bedroom only with the things you need. The bed is a given, but add a bedside table or two and just one piece of large furniture. Retain space wherever you can to keep the room open and non-overbearing.

2. Layer your lighting
A bedroom can be made beautiful if you include several lighting options. Ambient lighting provided by overhead spotlights with customisable hues will do the bulk of the work, but add in a couple of reading lights on your bedside tables for those late night book sessions.

3. Add a nook
Depending on the size of your bedroom, you may have additional space in which you can create your own private nook. Imagine an area where you can lounge on a comfortable chair and read or do a bit of armchair shopping.

Bedroom read

Your nook doesn’t need much furniture; a stylish stool with some comfy cushions is often all you need to make the perfect bolt hole.

4. Use mirror magic
Mirrors possess the wonderful ability to make rooms appear bigger than they are while remaining functional and attractive.

In your bedroom, you could combine your bedside table requirements with a full length mirror or add one or two simple, attractive mirrors to the room’s largest walls.

5. Get creative with bedside tables
Bedside tables may be one of the most useful and functional pieces of bedroom furniture, but they don’t need to be boring. Make yours beautiful by combining style with function.bedside talbe

The addition of a glass panel or unusual, non-linear shape can bring an otherwise dull bedroom essential to life.

6. Add detail with a statement bed
The bed may be the most used piece of furniture in your bedroom, but like so many things in this list, ‘functional’ should never mean ‘boring’.

Rather than choosing any old bed, opt for one featuring a statement design, such as button detailing or a rolled headboard.

We hope the above tips get your creative juices flowing, but if there’s one takeaway, it is this: you can combine function with beauty in any room and the bedroom is no exception. Make it your own and don’t be afraid to explore your most intimate of design preferences; above every room in your house, this one is entirely yours.