20 Jan


Trip over that remote control again? Cursing your inability to find the magazine you want to finally start reading? A cluttered home can be a frustrating, depressing place to live.

Perhaps more importantly, if you live in a cluttered environment you’re unlikely to ever feel particularly content. And, regardless, the place just looks a mess, and no one wants that!

Living a simplified, uncluttered life may feel like an impossible dream if you’re staring into the abyss of your messy house, but we’ve got some good news and it arrives in the form of six brilliantly creative ways to declutter any home.

1. Organise 36 things in your house

Sound like a big number? Well, it is – until you break it down into the 12-12-12 rule.

This is a brilliant way to declutter and feel good about doing so. Find twelve things to chuck away, twelve for the charity shop and another twelve to return to their proper home (i.e. all the things you’ve borrowed!). Simple!

This step is easier than you think – you’ll soon hit the thirty-six mark.

2. Schedule time in your diary to declutter

The biggest problem with removing clutter from the home is finding the time to do it. Unfortunately, that’s just an excuse, for no matter how busy you are, there’ll always be five or ten minutes here and there during which you can give the place a tidy.


Use your smartphone to set a reminder to spend at least ten minutes each day for one week decluttering. When the alarm goes off, drop what you’re doing and get cracking.

3. Vow to fill one bin bag

Grab an empty bin bag from the cupboard and tell yourself you have to fill it. It will take a lot less time than you think, and bin bags are big – you’ll quickly declutter.

4. Pretend you’re selling the house

OK, so you plan to live in your current home for another ten years, but a little creative thought can go a long way when it comes to decluttering.

Tell yourself that you’re going to sell the house. Then, take a look at the mess in front of you. Would you leave it like that if the place was going on the market? Of course not! Get decluttering!

5. Create and expand a declutter zone

Let’s start small and take each step at a time. Begin by choosing a designated declutter zone. This could be your coffee table, for example. The purpose of a declutter zone is to ensure nothing is placed on or near it that absolutely doesn’t need to be there.spring-clean-declutter-tipsStick to that rule for a day or so, and then expand the zone. Move it to the TV cabinet and apply the same rules. Do this over the course of a couple of weeks, and you’ll soon have a completely decluttered room!

6. Find a box, label it ‘Maybe’

There’s no getting away from the fact that, while decluttering, you’re going to come across stuff you want to keep. Unfortunately, that usually means it stays put, taking up valuable space.

Instead, find a box, label it ‘Maybe’ and, when you find stuff within your cluttered room that you think will have a use one day, pop it inside and away from view. When the box is full, store it somewhere out of sight and rest safe in the knowledge that those ‘maybe’ items can always be retrieved (when absolutely needed!).

Wrapping up

Don’t feel overwhelmed or defeated by your cluttered house. Instead, use just a few of the tips above to create a living space that is free from mess and nothing more than a lovely place to inhabit.

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