5 tips for choosing home accessories
29 Aug

Your home is your castle, hideaway, entertainment venue and the place in which you create the most precious memories. Generally speaking, it will house all of the essentials; your settee, TV, kitchen, cooking devices, fridge, bed, dining room table; the list is endless. Only, it’s the stuff that isn’t quite as obvious as the above which really makes a home your own.

‘Accessorising’ your home is highly recommended if you want to create a unique space. Here are five awesome tips on how to get started:

1. Try out different types of lighting

Who wants to rely solely on boring lamps and ceiling spotlights to provide illumination?


Instead, try placing a few fairy lights throughout the room. They come in many forms, from long, Christmas-style affairs to smaller flashing units you can place in bowls or cubby holes. LED lighting and smart lights which can be controlled by mobile devices are also great options for creating unique, interesting scenes throughout your home.

2. Add extra carpet material

A rug is an obvious option here, but if you’re strategic with placement, offcuts of odd carpet or faux fur carpets will really spice up the rooms in which they’re placed. If you’re a fan of rugs, however, try going as big as possible or pick one with a vibrant design or image running through it to create an unmissable focal point on the floor.

3. Add dimension with texture

Just like colour, texture can make a room feel bigger than it is and add entirely new dimensions to spaces that are traditional and box-shaped.


Texture can come from many objects, be it different materials used for cushions or unusual surfaces for coffee tables, but the textures you choose in your home should match your personality and desire to have a home that is different to everyone else’s.

4. Work on a theme

There’s nothing wrong with haphazardly placing random objects throughout the house, but it’s a good idea to work on a theme.


Indeed, that haphazard approach is a theme in itself – it’s just one of lovingly-crafted chaos. Think about how you’d like to theme your home. You can go for classic or contemporary or even inject influences from your favourite films, TV shows or music genres.

5. Create an illusion

You can have a lot of fun with home accessories, too. With clever use of wall paintings and framed photos, you can add depth to what would otherwise be simple, painted walls.

Try adding abstract art, imagery or large prints of photos taken by yourself that paint a scene entirely at odds with the room. Who needs standard wallpaper when you can create captivating illusions with real, living, breathing, unique imagery?

And finally

Experiment! The great thing about home accessories is that you can chop and change them as often as you wish.

If you get bored of a certain accessory, either ‘up-cycle’ it (i.e. turn it into something else) or pack it away for safe keeping and replace it with something that reignites your love for the room.