13 Dec

No one wants a cluttered home. But how do you create a clutter-free home in a world that is so busy? Most of us have such little time to organise our homes in this way, but there is an answer, and it’s a surprisingly easy one.

It’s all about investing in the right storage, and in this blog post, we’ve got five brilliant tips for removing clutter from your home:

1. Buy multi-functional furniture

There are some really smart pieces of furniture on the market these days that combine practicality with storage.

Look for settees with integral storage and coffee tables that enable you to slot in storage baskets beneath the surface.

2. Use the ceiling, doors and walls

It’s easy to look past the benefits of moving storage from the floor to other areas of the room.

For instance, kitchen utensils can be hung from hooks inserted into the ceiling, and there are all manner of clever little storage boxes that can be screwed to the wall or hung from the back of a door.

3. Get plenty of baskets and boxes

You can’t have too many baskets and boxes in which to store smaller items.


TV remotes, phone chargers, kids toys and magazines are the worst kind of clutter, but if there’s always a box or basket to hand in which you can hide them away, you’ll instantly create a cleaner, calmer room.

4. Divide the room

If you have an apartment or small house that contains the living room and bedroom or kitchen in the same space, you can use a clothes rack as a room divider.

In doing so, you can then organise storage solutions for both elements of the room separately and keep stuff hidden from view when it’s not needed.

5. Use that space under the bed!

Beneath the bed is often one of the most under-utilised spaces in a home, and, when you think about it, it’s such an obvious place to store stuff!

Rather than simply lobbing items under the bed haphazardly, try and find storage boxes that will slide in and out comfortably and in which you can store all of the stuff you don’t want to throw away but which you don’t need regular access to.

Wrapping up

Use our tips above and your home will fast become a clutter-free environment!

It might not feel like it now, but once you’ve hidden away the bits and pieces of life that inevitably clog up your home, you’ll be happier and enjoy your personal spaces even more.