24 Dec

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of 2019, but as one-year ends, another begins, and that’s rather exciting – particularly when it comes to interior design.

Predicting the way in which interior design will change during 2020 is tricky, because trends come and go, but we can make some educated guesses.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this blog post. Therefore, if you’re planning home renovations next year or simply fancy sprucing up one of your rooms with the latest trends, this is what you might want to look out for.

Natural materials for division

If you’ve got two areas that need separating, 2020 is likely to be the year when people opt for natural materials to do so.

By using wood beams, for instance, you could relatively easily separate the lounge and dining room for greater privacy and intimacy in each room. It’ll certainly give it a more earthy feel.

Greens and pastel pinks

Colours are probably the hardest trends of them all to predict, but most experts agree that 2020 will call on some rather delightful colour combinations.

In particular, expect to see an increase in the use of pastel pinks and greens. These delicate, soft tones are perfect in dining rooms, but could also be put to use in your lounge.

What’s more, it’s likely that designers will begin to opt for colours that match furniture to create natural, welcoming rooms.

Special mention will also need to go to blue, which will be unleashed a little more during 2020 – particular in its cobalt guise.

Wood everywhere

We mentioned it earlier, but wood is probably going to rise in prominence within home design and decor next year.

We expect to see wood used in furniture, house structures, decoration and even finishing touches. 

What was once considered old fashioned is likely to come back to the fore with wood being used at its fullest throughout 2020.

Natural wallpaper motifs

If you’re up for a bit of wallpapering in 2020, experts think you’ll want to opt for motifs that evoke nature.

It’s encouraging to hear that wallpaper will remain highly relevant next year. What’s more, it’s likely to be even more bold and inspiring than ever before. Think tropical prints, huge flower designs and copious use of colour, and you’re on the right track.

Picture decorations

If you don’t fancy wallpaper but still want to add some flare to your walls, 2020 is expected to be the year of pictures and photo frames.

We’ll see more pictures used to decorate the walls of homes in 2020, both with original prints by artists but also photos taken by the homeowner.

If you opt for original art, look for colours that will accentuate the rest of the design and colour choice in the room.

Accessories – and lots of them

Accessories for your home don’t have to result in clutter.

In 2020, home decor is expected to focus on the addition of well-chosen accessories. For some, it’ll be items that they’ve collected during their travels, while others will highlight the colour choice within the room.

Wrapping up

Which home decor trends are you looking forward to next year?

We hope our predictions above give you plenty of inspiration for any home improvements you may be considering during 2020.